Perosnal Project

This is a personal project I've been doing for awhile. It's a concept for a video game. Still a work in progress.


Currently working on trying to make a character from scratch in Zbrush starting with a ball of
 Dyna-mesh. Hopefully, more progress to come.


Soldier Concept

Some concept Art for my Sr Project. However, we are going in a different direction with it and will probably not being using this character.


Jr Project BG

This is a frame from our final shot of our Jr Project. I thought it was cool enough to become my background.

Jr Project is Finished

Okay so It's been a long while since I've posted, so here is a big sum up.
After Hundreds of hours of work we finally completed our Jr Project short film. We being Jennifer E. Cooper, Andrew Salo, David Pankook, Kris Kreager, and me. David did sound design and mixing while Kris did our awesome music.

So yeah, after 9 months, 2 characters, a Bone dragon, a special thanks to the Minnesota Zoo, and 2:41 seconds of animation we finally finished.

However, there is no way I'm posting it online till the animation showcase on Tuesday. For now, I'd love to show you some awesome bloopers.
Walking into a room with no floor

Here we see Saeri just chilling trying to walk on the sky.
"I can twist my head"

Saeri forgot her colors in this frame. Don't worry, Taric did too more than once.